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Landscaping & Planting

At Denchfield Landscaping, we take pride in all the details that work in harmony to create a beautiful outdoor escape.

It’s one thing to be able to design and construct multifunctional hardscape elements. It’s another to have the ability to visualize and integrate elements to transform an entire space into a work of art.

Our expert team of designers and professional landscapers has an innate ability to integrate landscape features, such as mulch beds, trees, bushes, plants, and flowers, with the newly hardscaped elements and the surrounding environment. And to further enhance the visual beauty of the outdoor space, we’re able to add outdoor lighting, irrigation, and erosion control solutions.

Garden Center

In our 25 years of landscaping service, we have found it very beneficial to use plantings and mulch from our very own nursery. By doing so, we are able to control the quality and type of plantings that flourish in this environment and soil type. Having our own nursery also gives us flexibility in our plantings, allowing us to make last minute updates as needed to meet the needs of the client. It also adds a level of efficiency to the construction schedule that we would otherwise need to rely on a third party for.

Having our own nursery has also has enabled us to explore options and solutions that are better for the environment. Take a look here to see how Denchfield Landscaping is taking steps to help protect the planet and save you money.

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We are LOVING our new plantings and our whole set up out back.  You did an excellent job and we appreciate all your hard work as well as the crew's.  It looks great!

Thank you so much!

--Nancy A.- Annapolis, MD--

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